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This section contains explanations of the used terms and notations as well as links to further material.
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Explanation of used terms and notations.

Distances and lines according to the PUTTALYZE concept

  • dA: Distance between the hole and the aim point PA. More
  • dD: Distance between the aim point PA and the distance point PD. More
  • dP: Distance past the hole; the distance from the hole to the point where the ball would stop, if it did not fall into the hole. More
  • dC: Distance corresponding to a putt on a plane surface. More


In the intricate realm of golf putting, a focal point deserving special attention is the location along the fall line that serves as the starting point for your putt—the point that precisely indicates the initial direction your putt should take. This point is not merely a spot on the green; it is a critical marker that aligns with the fall line, signaling the trajectory from which your putt begins. More

Distance point (PD):

Delving into the intricacies of putting on a golf green involves understanding not only the fall line but also a critical point along the trajectory of your initial putt—the point that signifies the effective length of the putt. This specific point is a key determinant, representing the distance equivalent to a putt on a perfectly flat surface with identical green speed and velocity at the target. More

Angles and directions
Error in putt direction: Deviation (in degrees) of the putter from the calculated initial direction; helps to visualize the error margins.
∆φ: (Delta-phee): Angle between the initial putt direction and the straight line from the ball to the hole.


General concepts
Stimp-meter distance (Ds): The distance in feet that a golf ball rolls when launched from a Stimp-meter on a flat surface.
Fall line: The fall line is the direction of maximum slope (SLmax).