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Making three consecutive putts on a plane surface with the same movement, speed and rhythm is known as a "core putting drill". The goal of this drill is to develop a consistent and repeatable putting stroke, so that the three balls will roll the same distance.
The drill is done by placing three golf balls on the putting green, lined up in a row, with no target. The golfer then takes their time to practice the same stroke on each putt, focusing on maintaining the same speed, rhythm, and movement, and you should not turn the heads until you have completed the third putt. 

The idea is that if the golfer is able to make all three putts with the same stroke, it means that they have a consistent and repeatable putting stroke. This drill is a great way to develop a good pace for putting and to build a good sense of distance control. It can also help the golfer to identify and correct any flaws in their putting stroke that may be causing them to miss putts.

It is recommended to perform the core-putt drill at least four to six minutes before practicing or playing a round on the course.

This will give you a good sense of the green speed and allow you to adjust your putting technique accordingly. By calibrating your body and brain with the core-putt drill, you will be able to make more accurate and consistent putts during your round.