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How to find the slope in percent

To find the slope in percent (%) for a putt, you need to determine the vertical height difference, measured from a reference point that lies in a defined reference length from the hole (in centimeters or inches). Then, divide this number by the reference length and multiply it by 100. This will give you the slope in percent.

Example in inches:
Reference length 100 inches (8,33 Feet = 100 inches), height difference 3 inches; Then the slope in percent is:  (3/100) x 100 = 3%

Example in centimeters:
Reference length 300 centimeters (3 meter = 300 cm ), height difference 3 centimeters; Then the slope in percent is:  (3/300) x 100 = 3%

Important: It is important to practice this procedure in order to have the necessary data and measurements to perform the calculation. This will help ensure that you have accurate results when completing the calculation. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the procedure is followed correctly in order to ensure accuracy.